Dear Faisal, Thank you for applying to the University of California, Irvine. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you admission at this time for Fall 2020. However, your application is strong and we want to provide you the opportunity to be included on the waitlist. To place your name on the waitlist, complete the […]

DispatchQueue – Serial & Concurrent

Boring Background of DispatchQueue A DispatchQueue is an object that allows you to submit tasks to perform asynchronously. The queue will then push work to a given thread within the system’s thread pool. There are two types of queues: Serial and Concurrent. Serial Queue: We know that by design, Dispatch Queue’s are FIFO – meaning […]

Initial Commit

This really does feel like the first git commit when creating a fresh repository. Just like any new software/side project, we’re about to find out if this is nothing but a quick thunderstorm of inspiration that has rained down on me on a – rather sunny – Saturday afternoon, or something that I’ll actually commit […]